Our Garden Is In!

I was beginning to think that we were never going to get our garden in this year!  But, we finally did it on Friday, May 9th!



Tomato & Pepper Plants

Tomato & Pepper Plants

And just in time for the next round of rain that we got this past week.   We already have beans & corn coming up!


And, I am finally getting a section of my herb garden in!

Herb Garden

Herb Garden

I still have a lot of work ahead of me in this area, but it’s slowly coming together!  The colored pots contain seeds that, when they are big enough, will be transplanted into the herb garden.  The larger pots contain my different basil plants (sweet, spicy, & cinnamon basil), mints, & fever few.

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!

Big News here at MCH!

I’ve got BIG news!  Last week, I was asked to be a regular contributor over at Heritage Homesteaders!  I’m so excited to part of this great group of people!  So, head on over & check out my introductory post!  While you’re there, take a look around.  This group has a lot of great knowledge to share with everyone from beginning homesteaders to the experienced.  I’m a firm believer that we never stop learning, no matter how long we may have been doing something.

Liebster Award

Hey all! The lovely Country Road Abode nominated me for the Liebster Award! This is basically a meet and greet for bloggers, a way to get to know each other better, and a great way to find some new blogs to check out!

Here’s what we do with the Liebster Award:
– Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display your award.
– Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you.
– Give eleven random facts about yourself.
– Nominate eleven blogs (with 200 followers or less) that you think are deserving of the award
– Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
– Give them eleven questions to answer.

So, here we go with my questions from Country Road Abode:

1. What’s your favorite thing about where you live?My favorite thing about where I live is just being in the country!  I love the lack of “city ambiance,” traffic, & neighbor-on-top-of-neighbor.  Yes, we do have neighbors, but I can look out my windows and NOT see into their homes!
2. What is your favorite post you’ve ever written? (leave a link!) 
3. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to a vet, but I also wanted to a wife & mother.  I dreamed of having a home of my own with a wonderful husband & children – God was gracious enough to grant me my desire to be a wife & mother.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.
4. What was the first blog you started reading? Honestly, I can’t remember!  LOL  It’s been several years since I was introduced to the blogging world.
5. What movie do you think should have a sequel?

6. If you could be a member of any TV-sitcom family or group, which would it be? I’m not sure if this one qualifies as a TV sitcom, but I would love to be part of “Little House on the Prairie” or “The Walton’s.”
7. What’s your favorite song? Free to Be Me by Franchesca Batastelli
8. What is the worst job you’ve ever had? Being a sales rep for a well-known hotel chain.  Sitting there, answering the phone and trying to “sell” more expensive hotel rooms, combos (air, car, hotel, etc.)  I’m not a sales person by any means.
9. Do you collect anything? Antique canning jars!  I LOVE them!  And, yes, I do use them for dry food storage & display.
10. What is the best compliment anyone has ever given you? My husband telling me I’m still beautiful & the love of his life after almost 20 years is the best compliment I could ever receive!
11. How far away from your birthplace do you live now?  A little over an hour.  Not too far!

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I love sweet tea – SOUTHERN sweet tea!  But, I also love a good cup of hot tea.
2. My biggest weakness is chocolate-covered strawberries!
3. I really don’t like large crowds.  I’m actually fairly shy & tend to not have too many close friends, but I’ve learned how to interact without feeling too overwhelmed.
4. God & family are my life!
5. I love the mountains!
6. I love camping – sleeping in a tent/pop-up, no electricity, cooking all your meals over the fire, reading a good book, swimming, etc. – camping!
7. Until we moved here, I had always lived in the city!  I had always wanted to live in the country & have a farm.  Now, I’ll never go back! I love our life here!
8. I never set out to homeschool.  In fact, I always said that I would/could never do it.  Never tell God never!  😉 Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Even with the rough days, I am still in awe that God put this desire in my heart.
9. Even though I don’t like large crowds, God has granted me the ability to be able to organize & feed large groups of people.  Talk about being taken out of your comfort zone.  I may look like I’ve got it all together when I do things like that, but inside, I’m constantly praying for the wisdom & strength to get through each & every time.
10. In case you didn’t know, I LOVE to cook/bake!
11. I didn’t do hardly any canning before moving here.  Now, I can’t get enough of it!
Now for my Nominees:

And the questions for my nominees:

1. Do you prefer coffee or tea?  Hot or cold?
2. What is your favorite season & why?
3. What is your favorite snack food?
4. Why did you decide to start blogging?
5. What are your 3 favorite hobbies?
6. What is your favorite holiday?
7. If you could travel to one place, where would it be?
8. What is your favorite book?
9. What is your favorite post that you’ve written? (Leave a Link!)
10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be & why?
11. What is your least favorite chore?


There you have it, the Liebster Award post!

Don’t forget to visit Country Road Abode and these other great blogs!

Speckled Sussex Chicks Are Now 3 Weeks Old!


It’s hard to believe that we’ve had these little ones for 3 weeks now!


They’ve hit what we have dubbed the “ugly duckling” stage.


My son, Michael, holding one of the chicks (looks to be a little pullet)


They still have a lot of the baby down, but are also getting in a lot of their beautiful feathers.  But, it’s such a mix that they are not very pretty at this stage.  But, the beauty is coming!

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Update to My Canning Raw, Bone-In Chicken

Canning Chicken - after being pressure canned

Canning Chicken – after being pressure canned

As I promised, this post is going to update you on my thoughts on canning chicken raw.

Here’s a pic of the jars after they had cooled & been washed off.

Well, as it happened, I canned this on a Thursday and then had the perfect opportunity to give it a try when I found out that  a dear, sweet friend of mine came back from her camping trip sick.  Her sweet little girl came down with a stomach bug on the way home, & then she came down with it.  So, I fixed a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.  I had all the ingredients in my pantry, including some store-bought egg noodles, so it was super easy & quick to throw together.  I made enough for both her family and mine for supper that night.

Canned chicken after removing from jar.

Canned chicken after removing from jar.

Here’s what the chicken looked like after I pulled it out of the jar.  Remember my telling you that these roosters were a little over a year old?  Most birds at this age are starting to get chewy & tough.  When I pulled these four chicken breasts out of the jar, they literally fell off the bone!  It was so tender & juicy, you would’ve thought that these were very young, tender birds if I hadn’t told you any different.

Chicken noodle soup made with home canned chicken.

Chicken noodle soup made with home canned chicken.

In fact, look what happened when I put it in the soup pot.  It literally fell apart.  It looks like a put shredded chicken in the pot when, in fact, I just cut it into bite-sized chunks before placing it in the pot.

My verdict:

The taste was great!  It was very moist & tender.  I will definitely be doing this again in the near future.  In fact, I have a few bags of frozen chicken that were some of our older birds.  These will now be canned up first chance I get.  It definitely makes it quicker & easier to throw a meal together this way.

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