Tips For Making School Mornings & Lunch Preps Easier


It’s hard to believe that it’s time for school to start back once again. It feels like we never really had a summer break since time flew by so quickly. But, ready or not, it’s here.

Besides what seems like endless shopping for school supplies, there’s the never-ending school lunches to prepare x 3 (well x 4 counting Brian, LOL). It takes a lot to make sure that everyone gets a well-balanced meal plus something they like. My children take lunch every day instead of buying lunch. This way, I know that they have something that they like AND they’ll eat it instead of throwing it away. And most of the meals that I send with them cost me considerably less than school lunches anyway.

So, how do I get everyone’s lunches packed and out the door with them every day? I keep a bunch of plastic containers of different sizes on hand to use as portion control. They also pull double duty because I can use them to prep some things ahead of time. I can portion out fruits and veggies into these containers at the first of the week, and then they are placed in a designated area in the fridge to that I can just “grab-n-go” in the mornings. I also reuse containers as much as possible. If they are taking sandwiches, the containers will be wiped out and reused instead of washing it each and every day. If they took grapes one day and I still have some to divide out, then that container will be refilled and placed back in the fridge at the bottom of the stack. Now, if the containers are all sticky and yucky, yes, they will be washed before being used again.

I also keep paper napkins on hand, as well as plastic utensils for the days with soups, pasta, etc. where a utensil(s) is necessary. But, my children (and husband) know to bring them back home to be rewashed. But, mom doesn’t have to worry if they get thrown away, misplaced, or broken because it’s not my silverware, and they don’t have to wait in line to grab utensils in the cafeteria.

This year, I bought them stainless steel thermoses to instead of the generic plastic ones AND I don’t have to worry about grabbing juice pouches either. It’ll save a lot of money all around.

Another thing that I do for my family, especially during the school year, is to prep a bunch of items and place them in the freezer for a quick breakfast/lunch/snack. These items are usually muffins, sweet quick breads, cupcakes (for desserts in lunches), waffles, pancakes, breakfast burritos, burritos, crepes, etc.

These are just some of the things that I do during the school year to make my mornings go much quicker and easier.

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Katie’s 5th Grade Honor’s Tea And Graduation!

We are equally proud of our daughter, Katie, for all of her hard work and great grades!

The Honor’s Tea was for those in 5th grade that maintained an “A” or “B” average all year long.

Here she is at the Honor’s Tea:


She received a medal and a shirt.

Here she is with her teacher and a couple of friends afterwards:


We were so blessed that she had such a wonderful, Christian teacher. I’m always very thankful to have teachers that are wonderful with kids and that my children really love.

Here is the 5th grade graduation:



She was also the top reader in her class!


I’m so thankful that all of my children love books!

Here she is with her cheesy grin!



It’s so hard to believe that my baby will be in middle school next year. Congratulations, sweetie! We’re so proud of all of your hard work!

Melia’s 8th Grade Graduation

We’re so proud of our daughter, Melia, but it’s also a little sad to know that my baby is old enough to be going to high school this fall. Melia graduated from 8th grade on Monday, and she received a total of 11 awards plus a plaque for her outstanding grades. She graduated in the top 10% of her class! We’re so proud of her!!


That’s her on in the red dress.

Here’s a couple of pictures of her receiving her awards:



Here’s a pic of her afterwards:


Congratulations on all of your hard work! We are so proud of you, sweetheart!