Menu Plan Monday

Here’s my menu plan for the week. I love having a plan in place! It saves me so much time and money since I know that I have a plan, and we’re less likely to want to order or pick up something instead. I have everything on hand except for sliced cheese which I’ll have my husband pick up this week at Sam’s Club.

~ muffins
~ cinnamon rolls
~ cereal
~ oatmeal
~ pancakes

~ sandwiches
~ left overs

~ Refried bean burritoes with HM tortillas
~ left over Chili
~ Spaghetti & sauce w/ HM garlic bread
~ Chicken Enchiladas
~ Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with roasted red peppers
~ Baked Potatoes

Don’t forget to visit the Organizing Junkie to see what everyone else is planning for the week!

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