Egg Incubation – round 2

I forgot to post this last week, but I set some more eggs last Monday night, so my 21 day count started Tuesday.

I put 42 eggs in, but I found one that had a crack, so I now have 41. I’ve also had 1 day that my temps rose extremely high (114.8*) EEEKKKK! It should be 99.5* to 100.5*. I cooled them down as quickly as possible. I’m now praying that when I candle them on Thursday (day 10) that I will still see veins.
These are due to hatch around June 22nd! I’ll keep you posted on the candling results on Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Egg Incubation – round 2

  1. I forget… do you have chickens already so these are your own eggs, or are these eggs the start of your flock? It will be fun to follow their progress 🙂 Keep posting!


  2. I do have chickens already. Some of these are my own eggs, and some I purchased. I'm hatching all orpingtons. I have buff orpingtons already, and I'm hoping to add blue, black, and splash orpingtons to my flock.


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