And then there was one

Out of my original 42 eggs, I ended up with one chick. I’ll be able to tell in a couple of weeks if it’s a cockerel (baby rooster) or a pullet (baby hen).
If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m really devastated that this is all that I’ve gotten, but there nothing that I could do. Unfortunately, the thermostat on the incubator went bad and got WAY too hot on day #2 which killed most of my eggs. I’m really very lucky to even have this little one. It’s a miracle baby to be sure.
We did manage to get a copy of my receipt to submit to the manufacturing company for a replacement thermostat and a replacement motor for the automatic tuner. I will probably still be on the look out for another incubator, but since it’s not going to be needed until spring of next year, I’m not going to be in a hurry.
Here’s a pic of what the little guy/girl looks like all fluffy:

Gotta love fluffy chicks!

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