Personal Grocery Challenge – Week 4

This week, I had $34.14 left out of my $300 grocery budget for the month. I needed milk and was lucky enough to find 4 half gallon jugs marked down to $0.99/each! How cool is that?! I’m very thankful. We’ve already gone through one, but I’ll check again tomorrow or Saturday morning to see if there are any others! I also had to buy some more allergy meds because we’re out and something has my allergies kicked back into high gear. The only other item needed this week was more green tea for my dear husband to drink. When he gave up drinking soda, he switched to green tea, which I happily buy for him.

Items bought:

  • 4 half gallons of milk – $0.99/each
  • 2 (24 ct) bxs gen. sinus & allergy med. – $ 3.85/each
  • 4 Totino’s pizza – $1.50/each
  • 1 bag chips $2.00
  • 3 gal. green tea – $2.98/each

So, my total spent (with tax) for the week comes to $30.83. Not too bad! That leaves me with a balance of $3.31 for the month! As long as I’m very careful, I’ll come in just under budget! Sorry I don’t have a picture. Hopefully, I’ll remember to take one next week.

Don’t forget to check the The Grocery Chart Challenge to see how everyone else did this week!

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