July Grocery Shopping – Week 2

I got to go back to Kroger this week!  It was so nice to be able to get some really awesome deals this week.  


Here’s what I got at Kroger:

4 gal. milk $9.52
6 lb carrots $2.34
10 boxes pasta $8.80
12 (16 oz.) bags frozen veggies $10.56
1 ltr bottle diet green tea (for Brian) $1.25
Subtotal $43.29
Savings (24%) $10.82
Tax $2.52
Total $34.99

Here’s what I got at Wal-Mart:

3 boxes cake mix $2.31
2 boxes snack crackers $2.96
4 packs tortilla shells $4.08
1 bag almond slivers      $3.98
4 containers cream cheese spread      $6.92
4 gal. Green Tea       $11.92
Subtotal:  $30.17
Tax:          $2.26
Total:        $32.43
Grand Total:      


Total so far for July $182.44

I did purchase some food items for Katie’s birthday party, but I budget separately for those so they are not included in the above total. 

It’s going to be a little close this month, but I still think I can pull off a $300 budget!  Our meals should mainly be out of the pantry/freezer, and there is very little else that I really need to pick up for the rest of the month except for fresh fruits/veggies and milk.   So, we’ll see what happens!

This post is linked to Grocery Cart Challenge. Don’t forget to check out how everyone else did this week!

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