~~Fun Family Day: Part 1~~

We took the kids back to the Tennessee Aquarium last Friday for a great family day before school started back. They had the “Jellies: Living Art” Exhibit open and it was phenomenal! I’m going to break this into 3 posts because of all the pictures.

TN Aqua 1 TN Aqua 8 TN Aqua 12 TN Aqua 32TN Aqua 16 TN Aqua 18 TN Aqua 21 TN Aqua 26 TN Aqua 27 TN Aqua 30 TN Aqua 33 TN Aqua 37 TN Aqua 38

Family Fun Day: Part 2
Family Fun Day: Part 3

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One thought on “~~Fun Family Day: Part 1~~

  1. Lovely pictures making wonderful family memories !We enjoy visiting the aquarium, went last summer. I love the butterfly exhibit, it is my favorite.Looks like you all had lots of fun!


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