~~Family Fun Day: Part 3~~

Last, but not least, here are the “Jellies: Living Art” Exhibit pics from the Tennessee Aquarium!

TN Aqua 66TN Aqua 67TN Aqua 71 TN Aqua 72 TN Aqua 73 TN Aqua 74

Wall of Jellies!

TN Aqua 77 TN Aqua 80 TN Aqua 81 TN Aqua 84 TN Aqua 85 TN Aqua 86 TN Aqua 87 TN Aqua 88TN Aqua 90 TN Aqua 94 TN Aqua 91 TN Aqua 92 TN Aqua 93

Here are a few of the pics that I took in the River Journey portion of the Aquarium. We did not spend as much time in there this time around because the kids were getting tired and hungry.

TN Aqua 96 TN Aqua 101 TN Aqua 103 TN Aqua 104 TN Aqua 105 TN Aqua 106 TN Aqua 109 TN Aqua 111 TN Aqua 112 TN Aqua 117

Hang on boys! Helps comin’!!

TN Aqua 119 TN Aqua 122 TN Aqua 123 TN Aqua 125

I hope you enjoyed these pics of our family day together. Thanks to season passes, we can’t wait to go back!

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Family Fun Day: Part 2

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