And the winners of the 4-h poultry show are………



my girls!!  They won Grand Champion AND Champion AND they both received blue ribbons!  


All of their hard work and dedication (and some fussing from mom & dad) really paid off!

This took place back on August 19th during our county fair.    I was so proud of my girls!  In fact, they’re chickens were by far the favorite of all the spectators and we had sold the rest of them before the show even began.  We had several come up to us right before and during the show wanting to buy them but we had to turn them away.  Too bad I didn’t any more to sale! 

Here  are the judges looking over the girls’ chickens. 


They did a thorough job and came back to the girls’ cages several times comparing them to the others.  The girls’ chickens were at least double the size of the others.  You could tell theirs were very well fed and loved!  

Will we do this again next year?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  I don’t mind but I don’t know if the girls will want to or not.    Michael is still too young, but we got to put a few of his over in the barnyard nursery which he was happy with. 

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