~~Pantry/Laundry Remodel – Phase 2 ~~

Well, we’ve had phase 2 done for a little bit now, but I’ve not had a lot of time to post.  My washer and dryer and now in place and my hot water heater has been installed and is performing nicely!  We took out the old hot water heater that was installed in the home in 1979 and was bought used then!  It’s amazing that the darn thing was still running, but it was definitely not running very well.  We could barely take 1 shower/bath at a time before we were out of hot water and it was a 40-gallon tank!  We ran new gas lines back in the early spring and went ahead and ran lines for the new hot water heater, new stove (future purchase), and an additional heater. 

It ended up raining the weekend we were installing everything, so we had to go 3 days without hot water!  With all the rain and cooler temps we’ve been having the well water was a lot colder than normal!   Brrrr!    Nothing like freezing your head while washing your hair!   But, it all worked out fine!  We just tried to think of it as camping and we did just fine!  I forgot to take pics while we were in the process, but I do have pics of what was finished!  At least it’s mostly finished.  We still have to finish sealing up a few more leaks in where the hot water heater is at, but we’ll get to that when we redo the wall in the bathroom.   We also have to put the vented cover over the front of the hot heater and then repaint the wall.

For this phase we had to:

  • replace the floor below the old water heater which had rotted away due to a leakage from the tub and washer and (possibly) the hot water heater.
  • replaced all the fixtures in the tub
  • fixed the leak around the drain in the tub
  • wired in the new plug for the washer
  • rerouted the pipes for the water for the washer
  • cut the hole to run the vent for the hot water heater
  • install new hot water heater
  • move washer to new location

Here are a few pics of what we have accomplished:




Stay tuned for phase 3, currently in progress!  We’re expanding the hall storage closet and putting in more sturdy shelves so that I have a good place to store my home canned goodies. IMG_0026


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