Fall at our homestead

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about what’s going on in our lives.  I can’t say that there’s been a lot of major interest, but it sure has been busy!  School has really kept me hopping this year with having one in each school (elementary, middle, and high), but it’s a good thing.  Then we threw AWANA at church on Wednesday nights into the mix.  It sure does keep me busy being secretary of the T&T kids, but I love it!  It’s amazing to watch them memorizing so many verses so willingly!  God is truly working in them. 

Brian and Melia have also been in the middle of our church’s annual drama called Lucifer’s Lies which they do every year in October.  God is truly moving in a great and mighty way through this and many people have come to know Him or have rededicated their lives.  It’s so awesome to see God at work like this. 

At home, well, we’re still in the middle of renovations.  I’m hoping and praying that we can get them done and cleaned up before Thanksgiving, but there are a lot of obstacles that seem to be coming up and delaying everything. I can’t wait to post pics of all that we’ve done.  Expanding the all closet is really going to help with our lack of storage space, AND it’s going to look so nice once it’s done!  After this renovation is done, we’ll probably take a break for a while since the holiday season is upon us.

I’ve already started Christmas shopping and I’ve got a couple of gifts hidden away and waiting.  Since we have Christmas with Brian’s side of the family at Thanksgiving (his sister and her family come in  from Illinois at that time), I really need to finish up those few.  How are your holiday plans coming along?  I’ve got to put the finish touches on our Thanksgiving dinner plans, but other than that, I’m pretty much ahead of the game. 

Our garden didn’t do hardly anything.  But, putting it out late, we didn’t expect too much.  All my chickens had a great time out there, though.  I’m going to try and get all the poles and posts pulled up this week so that we can put the garden to bed for the winter.  I’m praying for a better gardening season for next year. 

Now, our weather, on the other hand, has been crazy!  Warm one day, very cold the next!  It’s just crazy!  Not to mention all the rain.  We’re well over our normal rainfall for the year, but I know we’ve needed it.  It’s been very dry the last couple of years.  The only down fall is that our fall colors have not been near as pretty this year, which is sad because I love to watch the leaves turn and see all the beautiful pictures that God creates each year!  Most of our leaves have just turned brown and fallen off, but my sugar maples are gorgeous! 

One thing I’m going to tackle today is raking up all (well a lot of them anyway, lol) the leaves that have fallen and use them for bedding in my chicken coop!  Free bedding!  I’m all about FREE! 

I’m still trying to keep things frugal.  I love the challenge of seeing how far our much will stretch, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going that far lately with all the renovations.  Sometimes it feels like it’s going out faster than it’s coming in!   Ah, the joys of owning a home!  I wouldn’t trade it for the work.   This is truly our home and we’ll do whatever is needed to keep it up and in working order. 

Well, that’s what’s been going on in our little corner of the world.  Before too long, I’ll be taking out the 6 roosters that I’ve got waiting for my freezer, and we’ll be working on the nice, big woodpiles that we’ve still got waiting for us out back from having the timber cut.   So, a busy winter awaits.  I’ll try to keep you updated a bit better in the future. 

2 thoughts on “Fall at our homestead

  1. Steph,I haven't commented before, But I read your blog a lot.You sound so busy and happy and loving our Savior!!! Isn't He wonderful? These are the very best years of your life !!! ENJOY every one of them. we are empty nesters and it gets lonely and my health is very bad so I can;t do the big dinners etc. any more.I sure do miss when my kids were small and I was well enough to christmas shop and the stores actually said Merry Christmas.How I loved the hustle and bustle of cooking and shopping and baking and decorating 3 trees!! Thankyou for sharing your life.In His service Mary


  2. Dear Mary, your comment has warmed my heart greatly. Thank you so much. You remind me of my dear mother-in-law. Her health is not great and she cannot do the big dinners any more either. One reason we have Thanksgiving here is because this is where Brian grew up and his brother and sisters have said that they feel like they are "coming home" again. I feel so blessed to be able to hold this dinner here. I, too, love the true meaning of the Christmas season. I pray that you have a wonderful, healthy Holiday season, and my you have a very blessed Merry Christmas with your family!


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