~Baby Chicks Are Here!~

Our baby chicks are here! Well, they’ve actually been here for a week now, but I was unable to get pictures before today.  Out of the 12 eggs we set, we ended up with 6 cute lil’ baby chicks!  Three of the eggs never developed, 1 disappeared, and 2 were fully developed but didn’t hatch.  The chicks that had already hatched kept pushing them out from under mom and they got too cold.  So, without further ado, here are our latest additions! 
April 2010 Chicks8
April 2010 Chicks4
I love watching mom teaching her babies how to scratch and look for yummy bugs to eat!  They are just too cute trying to copy her!
April 2010 Chicks6

Check back often!  I’ll be posting pics as they grown and change!

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