~Our Dollywood Trip~


God really blessed us with an awesome trip to Dollywood!  The weather was decent most of the day – a little cool, but the rain held off until right as we were getting ready to leave.  The best part was that there was hardly anyone else there!  We road most of the rides at least twice if not three or four times, most of those were even back-to-back.  How many times can you go to an amusement park and do that?  The only downfall was that Melia could not go with us due to a mandatory test that she had to take today.  Thank goodness for season passes so that we’ll be going back several  more times (I hope) this year!

Here’s a few pics of our day today!


(Katie’s friend, Michael, & Katie)


(Michael & me riding the Veggie Tales roller coaster)

Here we are riding the scrambler:





(Michael riding the Flying Elephants)

There were a lot more things that we road.  It really was a great day to go.  If you’re ever in Tennessee, you need to check out Dollywood.  It’s a great family-friendly park. 

Of  course, we crashed when we got home.   It sure does wear you out!  I wonder how tired they’re going to be at school today?


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