The Antics of Ms. Rosey Continue……



I can’t help but laugh at my sweet little Rosey.  But her nosiness finally got her into trouble.  Thankfully, it was not  life-threatening. This past Thursday, Brian was out cutting the garden again and getting it ready to plant on Friday.  Of course, he had the normal “battle of the chickens” that he always has.  They think that he’s turning the dirt just for them so that they can have all those nice juicy bugs and worms, and they like to walk right in FRONT of the tractor instead of behind it. 

After he finished and was pulling the tractor back under the shed, he noticed something very odd with my van.  Upon closer inspect,  I’m sure that you can guess what he saw.  There sat Ms. Rosey on my dash!  He called me outside to come see this spectacle for myself.   If I had known what I was about to witness, I would have grabbed my camera.  But, when I saw her in the van, I was not only surprised, but concerned about how long she had been in there, especially with the heat.  Of course, I had to laugh at the site of the chicken in the van!

When I opened the door to the van, she just proceeded to tell me all about her venture in being locked in the van and was not in any hurry to leave.  She even objected when I picked her up to put her back out with her feathered friends.  

Since then, she has continued to insist that she needs to “go” with me every time I get in the van, and she continues to hear that she can’t go with me.  Of course, she fusses when I get back and lets me know of her displeasure with me, but a little TLC from me and an extra treat or two for her, all is forgiven and we start the process all over again. 

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