~~~OK, Now What?~~~


Part of the reason that I ended up not posting for a while was vehicle trouble.  Well, we’ve now come to round 2.  I can’t say that I’m very happy about it either.  We got the van back yesterday and Brian decided to drive it to work this morning to “test it out” and, as long as everything worked like it should, he would begin driving it back and forth to work to help save money on gas.

Well, he tried.  He got about 20 minutes from the house before it started acting up and it died.  It took him several tries before he was finally able to get the van back to a safe place, a church parking lot, where I met him.  We managed to get in touch with our mechanic and he brought his truck and trailer to pick up the van.  This time, we think that it is an electrical problem.  I’m not sure that I’m any happier knowing that it is a different problem than a blown head gasket but, at the same time, I trust our mechanic and know that he had know idea that this would happen. 

I know that God is allowing this to happen for a reason.  Now, we just have to pray for his guidance in what to do next.   I know that He already has everything all planned out.  All we have to do is trust and follow his guidance. 

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