Summer Is Here…… Now What?

Well, it seems that we are again going to skip spring and go straight to summer.  And, since we’re not going to be going camping like we originally wanted to, we weren’t sure what we were going to do.  Ha!  I should have known better.  God already had lots of plans laid out for us. This coming Saturday, June 4th, our local Christian radio station, J-103, is hosting a HUGE concert called J-Fest.  The cost is $10/person over 12 with 12 & under being free!  It’s an all day concert with many of the of the top bands coming to perform!


Jfest 2011 – June 4

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My family & I cannot WAIT to go!  On top of that, by ordering our tickets in advance, we received free armbands to go see Casting Crowns @ Riverbend in Chattanooga on June 14th!   We’re so excited!  Plus, we have VBS starting this Sunday, June 5th, the girls have AWANA  camp at Dixieland Leadership Camp June 18th – 24th,  then Katie’s birthday next month, then the kids will spend some time with my parents, and then it’ll be time for school to start back up!  WOW!  Summer will be over before we know it!  I guess God knew that we really wouldn’t have time for camping this year. 

Plus, Brian will be going to Germany later this year and I’m hoping to go with him.  If we can save up enough money, plus find someone to house-sit for us.  We’re both really excited about the possibility of us getting to go together!

We are also through with homeschooling for this school year, but plan to do a bit of schooling during the summer.  That’s actually one of the many advantages of homeschooling.  You get to make your own schedule, plus you never really stop!  Everything can be a FUN learning experience!

Lastly, we’ve also started a life style change.  We’re eating better and healthier, and we’re losing weight!  I’m hoping and praying that I can lose down to my goal weight before time to go to Germany!  That would be so awesome! 

Look for more updates throughout the summer!  I’m looking forward to having a little more time to be able to blog a bit more!

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