My CHRISTmas Crochet Creations for 2011!

I know you’ve all probably been wondering what’s been keeping me the last few months since I really haven’t been updating my blog very much.  Well, it’s been that kind of year, let me tell you.  It seems that every time I’ve turned around, I’ve been neck-deep into one thing or another, and from October on, I’ve done good to keep my head above water!  But, it’s all finally slowing down & I feel like I can finally breathe easy once again.  Since it would take forever to try to list all the boring things that have gone on in my family’s lives lately, I thought I would show you a few of the things that have kept me busy for the last few months that I made for CHRISTmas gifts this year:

I made these hats for Brian & Michael: 

Copy of DSCN0292

I made these totes for Melia (orange) & Katie (green):

Copy of DSCN0294Copy of DSCN0295

And I created this checkers set for Michael (it’s his favorite game!):

Copy of DSCN0306

(pattern coming soon)

I wish I had had time to make something for everyone, but I got started too late this year.  But I did manage to get afghans made for 2 out of 3 of my brothers.  I’ve not forgotten him, though.  I’m going to make it up to him.  Don’t worry, I didn’t leave him out.  I did get him a GC for Starbucks to tide him over!  Here are pics of the boys with the blankets that I did get made:

Remember the Log Cabin Afghan I made a few months back?  Well, this is where it wound up.  My parents loved it & asked that I make them one for Christmas. Well, I didn’t have time to make another one, so they received the one that I had already done.  I guess it won’t be going in the fair next year after all.  Smile 

Copy of DSCN0527

I also managed to get a few coaster sets made in various colors (some were green/red & red/green) to go with the gift cards to the grandparents. Here’s what the coasters looked like:

Copy of IMG_0005-1

I also made a few of these little 3-inch stockings for an ornament swap that I participated in over at Frugal Families:

Copy of Copy of IMG_0003

(I did make a few minor changes to them, though.)

It’s been a busy few months for me.  Now that CHRISTmas is behind us again & it’s a time to slow down & breathe, we will NOT be forgetting the true reason that we celebrate CHRISTmas to begin with, which is to celebrate that our Savior, Jesus Christ, chose to come to earth & be born as a baby, grow, live & walk among us, teaching us, & then paying highest price for our sins by becoming the ultimate sacrifice & conquering death.  My family & I are so very thankful & humbled by this gift.  May we truly remember what gift He gave us as each time we see our gifts this coming year


Now, it’s onto my list of gifts for CHRISTmas 2012!!

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