Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone….

Hi!  My name is Steph and I’m addicted to yarn! 


Anyone who knows me knows that I love to crochet!  Well, over the last few years, my yarn stash has really started growing.  Well, today, Melia was looking for some yarn for the graph-gahn that she would like to make for Michael for his birthday next month, so she turns to her favorite source of yarn, her mom’s stash! 


So, while the majority (no, this isn’t all of it) of it was out, I decided to do a bit of “housekeeping” and reorganize it & take a couple of pics. And then I thought I would share them with you, dear followers.  I know other yarn addicts lovers would appreciate these pics as much as me!  My color palette is not as widely varied as it has been in the past since I really hit it hard over Christmas, but who knows.  Maybe I’ll add some more fun to my stash this year.   Even one my kitties had to come see what mom was doing with all of this delicious yarn!



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