Because of my husband……



I have to say that I am the luckiest wife on earth because I have a husband who loves me & adores me as much as I love & adore him.  Because I have a husband who loves & adores me, I was able to make this beautiful shawl.  While  he was away in Germany on a business trip, he took the time to find this beautiful alpaca yarn for me! 


He also brought me back some beautiful Regia sock yarn and some of the most delicious chocolate! 




Yes, Milka is available in Walmarts in our area, but let me be clear.  It. Is. Not. The. Same!  The chocolate that comes from Germany is much softer & silkier in texture,and the flavor is smoother than what we have here in America.  

And, no, he didn’t leave the kids out!  He also brought them back some chocolate & real German gummy bears (again, much better than American), as well as some sock yarn for Melia, a messenger bag for Katie, and a hat, flashlight, really cool shirt for Michael.


Even though he had a wonderful time in Germany, he was very glad to be home, and we were even more glad to have him home!  God did look out for him and provide some beautiful weather for him on his trip, especially the weekend he got to go to Innsbruck, Austria and visit the Alps.  I’ll have to post some pics of that another time. 

One thought on “Because of my husband……

  1. Those chocolates bring back a lot of memories of our 2 years in Turkey. Turkey had Germany chocolate available in many stores. Turkey had some really amazing chocolate as well. Thank you for sharing!


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