Grocery Shopping Trip: 05/19/12

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a grocery shopping trip, so I thought I’d do so today.  Since Brian changed jobs almost 2 years ago, he gets paid on a biweekly basis, which means that I shop on a biweekly basis.  I do still pick up a few fresh ingredients in between pay periods but, for the most part, I buy everything I need in one trip out.  Since we are changing up our diets and trying to eat healthier, I’m also focusing more and more of our grocery budget towards fresh/frozen fruits/veggies (whole foods) instead of on canned items.  I’m also trying to buy fewer prepackaged items than ever before.  I really haven’t bought that many over the last several years, but I’ve found myself turning towards some “quick fixes” in the last several months due to lack of time to prepare meals.  Well, now that summer is here, I’m hoping to get back into the habit of using my Crock Pot ™ more to keep the heat down in the kitchen and to prep ahead.  These are all things that I’ve just slowly let fall to the wayside instead of just taking a few extra minutes while I’m already in the kitchen to prep ahead for the next meal(s).   I do my best to keep our grocery budget at $400 for our family of 5 (2 adults, 2 teen girls, and a 10-yo son).


I shopped at Aldi’s & Earth Fare (first time there – not too impressed) today.  So, here’s what I picked up this week:





4 gal. Whole Milk – $2.99/each

2 bags frozen peaches – $1.99/each

2 bags frozen mixed berries $2.99/each

1 bag frozen raspberries $2.99

2 pgs. pizza rolls $2.49/each

2 pkgs. chicken nuggets $3.99/each

6 lbs butter $2.29/each

2 lbs bacon $2.99/each

3 (8oz) pkgs sharp cheddar $1.79/each

3 (8oz) pkgs mozzarella $1.79/each

1 (17.6 oz) Greek Yogurt $3.29

3 green bell peppers $1.49

2 lbs carrots $0.99

2 bunches of celery $1.19/each

3 lbs Pears $1.99

3 lbs yellow onions $1.69

3 cucumbers $0.25/each

3 (5lbs) bags red potatoes $0.99/each

2 cantaloupe $1.49/each

3 (1lb bags) kiwi fruit $0.79/each

4 (1lb containers) baby bella mushrooms $1.69/each

3 pouches dried berries $2.49/each

1 pouch dried cranberries $1.39

4 bxs saltines $0.89/each

1 wedge Asiago cheese $6.00

1 wedge smoked gouda $5.69

1 wedge gouda with tomato & basil $5.33

1 wedge classic gouda free w/ coupon ($7.00  w/o coupon)

1 (14 oz) jar organic extra virgin coconut oil $10.99

2 quarts raw Tennessee honey $7.99/each


TOTAL SPENT (with tax):  $167.30


The only things left for me to pick up that were on my list are:

plain yogurt

heavy cream

lemons/lemon juice

cat food

toilet paper


Total Spending for May:  $317.70


Stay tuned for my menu plan for next week! 


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