Growing Herbs


This year, I’m even more thankful that I have my herbs to tend to since we didn’t get a garden in the ground.  But, I’m not as upset about not having a garden this year as I was earlier since we are in a severe drought & most people I know tell me that their gardens are struggling or dying. 

IMG_0691As soon as Brian’s shift change goes into effect & he has some time off, we plan to get a lot of these beauties in the ground so that they will hopefully flourish even more, as well as have time to get established before the colder weather sets in so that the perennials will come back next year.  I’m hoping to expand it bit each year until I have not only a kitchen herb garden, but a medicinal herb garden, as well. 


The good news is that I do plan to try to get in a fall garden very soon so that I can take advantage of the cooler temps that come with fall & will hopefully still be able to get a few goodies before our growing season is over for the year. 

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