Waste Not……


After buying 54 pounds of onions, I had 18 onion bags lying there just waiting to be throw away turned into something useful.  So, I did what I’ve been doing for years.  I turned them into pot scrubbers!  These work wonderfully for scrubbing dishes, stovetops, etc., and they don’t cost a thing since you’ve already paid for them when you bought the onions. 

Here’s how you turn them into scrubbies:

First, cut both the metal ends off:


Next, you want to gather it together and fold in half:


Cut in half:
Store as you see fit.  Here are all of mine that I have right now. 
I store them in a small plastic cup under my sink that I can quickly grab a new one when I need it.  Unless you are cleaning something really greasy, each one will last quite a while.  When done, discard replace with a fresh one. As you can see, I have a few different colors.  I’ve saved any plastic bags from lemons, fruits, onions, etc. that I can cut up and reuse.  Some of the larger bags, I am able to get 4 to 8 scrubbies out of. When they are longer, I will fold in half, cut, fold in half again, cut again, etc.  But don’t cut them too small or you won’t be able to use them very well. 

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2 thoughts on “Waste Not……

  1. Hi Steph! That is such a great way to re-use something! I haven't tried that yet, so maybe next time I buy produce and have some of those bags, I will make me some scrubbies! Thanks for the tutorial, very nice! Blessings from Bama!


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