Frugal Happenings – Week of 02/23-03/01/14

Wow!  I can’t believe that we’ve already gone through 2 months of the new year!  And it’s almost spring!  Next week (March 9th) is Daylight Savings Time!  As much as I detest losing that hour of sleep, I always get excited because that means the official start of spring is right around the corner.  That means hanging laundry outside to try & gardening time!

Sunday:  Day of rest for us.  I did end up going to the grocery store that morning (we attend a home church on Saturday evenings), and I ended up picking up some fried chicken while I was out.  Not frugal, but I could feel the beginnings of a migraine coming on, so I knew that I probably would not feel like cooking (and, I’m so very glad that I did pick it up because I definitely did not feel like cooking).

Monday: An extremely busy day!  I did get up and we had a homemade breakfast of homemade pancakes, bacon, eggs, & fresh fruits!  I made a pretty good-sized lunch of creamy chicken & rice casserole, except I ended up using some precooked turkey from my freezer instead of chicken.  I also added some fresh baby bella mushrooms.  It was very good!  For supper, we had plenty of leftovers, so I didn’t cook another big meal.

Our box blade arrived while I was out running a few errands & taking Katie to math class, so now our driveway is in much better shape!  I’m hoping when I come home today, I won’t slip & slide around anymore!

Brian also started plowing the garden.  I’ll be so glad when this is done & I can start planting!  I need to get a few seeds going indoors now so that I can get a jump start on my growing season!

Our two roosters also got into a scuffle yesterday & the older one did not fair too well.  After cleaning out our smaller coop, he is now in isolation for a few days.  I’m praying he makes it.

We also went ahead and cleaned out from under the roost of the main coop.  All that we removed was taken to the garden area & spread out.  It will be plowed & tilled into the soil for some great fertilizer!  Most of it is old enough it won’t hurt anything, but what is still pretty fresh will help with killing grass/weeds!

Tuesday:  Not a whole lot of frugal happenings to report for Tuesday.

Wednesday:  Not really a whole lot today, either.  Wednesdays are pretty crazy with our homeschool & Awana schedule, so I don’t usually get a whole lot done.

Thursday:  Two of my kiddos are going to spend a couple of days with their grandparents, which means that Brian & I will had some time to ourselves. (We didn’t get a whole lot done around the house, but we did spend time together. )

Friday: Did get a little shopping done & spent some time with our oldest daughter before she went to work.

Saturday: We attended a memorial service for a sweet family that had just moved to the area that lost 2 little ones in a tragic accident.  Then we went out to eat with some of our dear friends.  Then, a movie date for Brian & I!

Last week was not particularly frugal, but Brian & I did get time together & were able to plan a bit for the garden & talk about some financial goals that we have for the year.  Now, onto a new week!

Here are a few of the goals that I have for this week:

*Can some quarts of beans:  pinto, black, & kidney.

*Make & can beef stock

*Reorganize 3 of the cabinets in the kitchen & begin working on reorganizing my pantry

*Continue planning bulk food order for this month

*All meals from home (Except for lunch on Friday when we will be out doing our big monthly shopping trip.)

*Keep heat down as much as possible (another cold snap is in store for this week)

*Keep all unnecessary lights & power strips turned off when not in use.

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