Prom 2015

I just have to take a moment to brag on my kiddos.  Our homeschool Prom was yesterday, and all kids ages 13 & up are allowed to attend.  They always have a great time.  Here’s a pic of my kiddos:  My son, Michael; my daughter; Katie; and Katie’s boyfriend (& date), Seth.


This is Katie & Seth’s junior year.  Only one more year of high school for them.  And Michael will be starting high school next year.   Where has the time gone?  No matter where it has gone, I am very proud of the outstanding young Christians that these 3 are becoming!  We are so blessed!

Edible Periodic Table, anyone?

This year in homeschooling, Katie is taking Exploring Creation With Chemistry & Michael is taking Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (Young Explorer Series).  And both, of course, are learning about the different elements & the periodic table.  One of the projects that Michael had listed in his book was to make a colorful, edible periodic table.


We made lots of homemade French buttercream icing and sugar cookies, and then we got to work icing and labeling each one with an element.



  Here’s the crew after all their hard work is done! 20131003_142701And here they are enjoying the fruits of their labor!


20131003_142852And the really good thing about all this is we got to share our edible elements with good friends & family!

This is just one more reason that I love homeschooling.  We had a lot of fun choosing which element we wanted to eat & taking the time to find the names of each one (and trying to pronounce them! LOL).  I love the fact that learning can be fun for them (and me) and that they love learning about new things.

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Real Life Fairy Tale?

Once upon a time, there were two sisters…….. One day,their parents looked at them and realized that they were all but grown up. 


That’s how I feel when I look at my two beautiful daughters.  I feel like I’m watching a real life fairy tale, especially when they were preparing to go to their annual Homeschool Prom a few weeks ago. 







I may be prejudice, but I think they are beautiful inside and out.  They are daughters of the almighty King, after all!!  Brian & I are so proud of the young ladies that our daughters are becoming.  Yes, we have gone (are going) through many of the teenage growing pains, but they are growing to be beautiful young ladies.  


Of course, we still have our not-so-little boy who is now 10 and right on the heels of his sisters in growing up.  What I would like to know is, where has the time gone, and who took my babies?  Who gave them permission to grown up so quickly?  Shouldn’t I still have little ones?


God is so good.  I could never thank him enough for the many blessings that my children have brought into my life.  Even though I look at them and wonder where the time has gone, I cherish each day/birthday/holiday and thank Him for allowing me the privilege of raising them.  I pray that, even through my many mistakes and faults, I can show them Jesus through me.  And I am thankful each day that I have been able to watch them grow up.  Each day is a blessing from Him.