Field Trip Day!

What a wonderful day I had today!  I went with my son on a field trip to see Seussical:  The Dr. Seuss Musical.  It was wonderful!  If this comes to your area, I would highly recommend it.  I wish I could have taken pictures during the production, but they were not allowed.  I did, however, get a picture of the curtain.  They did an awesome job with it! 

field trip 4 

And here’s a picture of my son, hamming it up for the camera, as usual.

field trip 1

In the play, the main story centered around the stories of Horton, (“Horton Hears A Who” &  “Horton Hatches An Egg” ), but it also combined several other stories and their characters.  Of course, you’ve got “The Cat In The Hat” telling the story, and the young man playing that role did an awesome job, as did all of the other actors.  All of the children really enjoyed the play! 

I know that, if I get the chance before it’s over, I would definitely like to take my entire family to see it! 

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