Reorganizing My Pantry

I recently posted about the benefits of a well stocked pantry. Well, good organization is HUGE when you have a pantry. Otherwise, things get lost and go bad before you can use them. I’ve not had to deal with that too much, but I definitely need to make better use of my space. So, I’ve picked up 2 more shelves so far, and I’m actually going to have room enough for 2 more!

This is what it looks like now:

pantry pic 4

I’ll post an updated pick in a couple of days when I get it all done. My son is sick so it’s slowing me down a bit. Don’t forget to check out 5minutesformom for more “Tackle It Tuesday” happenings! And definitely don’t forget to check back here in a couple of days for the big reveal!

4 thoughts on “Reorganizing My Pantry

  1. Miriam, I shop at United Grocery Outlet, Sam's Club, and Aldi's for most of my case lots, but I have also bought cases of items at stores such as Food City, Food Lion, Bi-Lo (in the past – not one close by any more), Kroger, & Ingles if they're having an awesome deal. Most of the time it's from Sam's Club, though.


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