Is That Spring I Smell?

Yes, it is!!!  Oh, my!  I can’t believe it’s finally here!  And look:


This is what’s been going on at my house!  We’ve had a really hard time finding a good used plow to buy, and we finally called our neighbor to see if we could borrow his tiller.  Well, his tiller was messed up but we did discover that he had a plow and he let us borrow it!!  Oh, happy day!  So, my garden has been plowed and cut, now we’ll still need to find a tiller to put the finishing touches on it so we can start planting.  I guess more people are using their equipment right now instead of selling it. 

Here’s what my garden looks like so far:


The freshly turned dirt feels so good in my hands!  I can’t wait to actually start planting!  It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow:  Freshly turned soil + rain = SPRING!!!!

My mouths already watering thinking of all the yummy veggies that will be growing in my garden this year!


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