Busy Week Is Coming To An End…….

and for that I am very thankful. It’s actually been a very busy month, but whose counting (besides me)? We’ve had 8th grade and 5th grade graduations as well as a 5th grade Honor’s Tea, and then a class trip to Dollywood. I’ll be making separate blog entries about the graduations!

Then today, Katie had choir practice at church this morning, and then we decided to take on culling our 4 young roos. Now that all of that is done, I’m wore out, but I’ve got to come up with something for our Homecoming Dinner at church tomorrow afternoon. Chicken, maybe? LOL It’s a good possibility.

I can tell you one thing though, my back is killing me! I’m ready to hit the hay, but there’s still daylight so my day is not done. Tomorrow, I will definitely be resting. I’m so glad that school is finally out for the summer. I think the kids are, too!

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