Egg Incubation – Day 14 Update

I candled the eggs again yesterday and, out of the original 42, I am down to 10. I’ve left 12, but the other two, I’m 90% sure have stopped. Brian and I were talking and he’s going to try to see what he can do to improve this incubator, but we’re looking into buying a new and better incubator shortly after the first of next year.
I’m praying that these 10 make it to the end, but the temps are still fluctuating. Thank goodness I’ve been home most of the time or I wouldn’t even have these 10. These are due to hatch the first of next week, so we’ll just wait and see. I will be candling again on day 18 which is the day that I will take them out of the turner and lay them down so they can get into position for hatching.
Since I do need more buff orpingtons in my flock this year, we are going to order a few more chicks to add in. Hopefully they’ll be here in the next couple of weeks.

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