WFM Wednesday: Family Command Center

I love the Works For Me Wednesdays! Everyone has so many great ideas. Since I’ve not been reading too long, I’m sure that someone else has already covered this, but I wanted to share ours.


We have a small hallway that runs beside our refrigerator, and this is where I keep my magnetic white board, and the kid’s responsibility clipboards and my oversized calendar.


During the summer months, there’s not a whole lot on either one, but during the school year, I usually have at least 3 to 4 papers on my magnetic board (at least 1 per child per week – i.e. spelling lists, class news, etc.), copies of forms that have been signed and turned back in for field trips, in school activities, etc., several notes on the board and calendar, and lots of activities penciled (no pen used) in on the calendar. With one child in elementary, one in middle school, and one in high school this coming school year, this area will come in handy more than ever. I know that there were several times, especially at the end of the year, that if was not for my command center, there is no way that I could have kept up with everything. I fear that this next year will be even worse, LOL.

The Responsibility Clipboard idea came from Laura. Thanks for such a great idea! We had the kids helping around the house, but sometimes it was hard to remember who I had told to do what when we were all going so many different directions. This is great, and if they do well all week, they get a commission (no allowance here). I do still have to attach pencils, but I’m working on it! Brian finally got them hung for me the other day. Before that, they were on my white board.

Another item that I use my white board for is to keep a running grocery list. As I run out of something or think of something that I’m going to need to pick up next time I go to the store, it gets written on the right side of the board. Below that, I will write down the name of anyone that I know I need to bring eggs to next time I go to church. Our Sunday School class breakfast schedule is also kept in the upper right hand corner.

So, if you’re having trouble keeping up with everyone and everything, I strong recommend the use of a magnetic white board. I think I paid about $15 for mine, and it has paid for itself many times over! I only wish I’d bought mine a long time ago.

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One thought on “WFM Wednesday: Family Command Center

  1. I am ALL OVER the big calendar idea. When we moved into the new kitchen, I knew exactly what I was going to do with the wall that is behind the back door (when it's open). It's not a very big space, but my huge calendar fits there perfectly! I LOOOOOVE it. It's easy to see, and big enough that whatever I write on it, is big enough to read. I haven't gotten as far as the white board yet, but I've certainly thought about it!!


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