7 Quick Takes #2



I am very thankful that I had some quality time with Melia this week, and that Brian and I could spend time with just her. That was very special.


I’m also very thankful that Katie is back home from AWANA camp safe and sound. She had a wonderful time, but I sure did miss her!


This month I challenged myself to spend only $300 on groceries. With God’s help (and barring nothing else happens between now and next Tuesday), I will come in under budget! God has really been convicting me to take a tighter hold on our finances, to be more wise with our spending. We’ve not been spend thrifts, but it sure is easy to fall in the habit of “just pick it up on the way home”. We’d much rather eat at home anyway.



Doesn’t this pic just say it all? Katie (left) and her friend on their first day of camp!


I have not gotten as much time to spend in The Word this week like I did last week, and it’s showing. I’m still trying to read, but I’ve had a lot more interruptions. I guess someone does not like me growing closer to my Savior. That’s OK, because I’m not giving up or giving in! I will continue to push forward!


Hi, my name is Steph, and I’m a yarn-a-holic and a crochet-a-holic.


Yep. This is ALL my yarn. I’ve gathered it all together to temporarily store it in the building until my craft closet it done. Needless to say that I will NOT be buying any more for a long time unless it is something very specific (or I find a great deal at a yard sale!). I’m on a yarn-buying hiatus!


Have I told you that I love this time of year? Now I can make sun tea! I love sun tea!!!


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One thought on “7 Quick Takes #2

  1. Good job on your grocery budget! I'm trying like mad to get ours into a lower price bracket, and it really works if you go about it the right way. Unfortunately, once I see how much money I'm saving, I think 'gee, now I can go buy a new book or something!' This is counterproductive, this is counterproductive, this is…I make myself say this to stay on the straight and narrow! Happy friday! (Enjoy your sun tea! It looks fabulous!)


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