July Grocery Budget Challenge!!

Here we go again! New month = starting over in the budget! I love it when the month starts over because you get a chance to wipe the slate clean and start all over again!

I challenged myself last month to only spend $300 on groceries for the month of June, and I ended up spending $ 296.69. I came in $3.31 UNDER budget! Woohoo! I’m so proud of myself! I’m definitely going to do it again this month!

Here’s what I have planned to help me stay in/under budget:

  • since I make most everything from scratch, coupons don’t do a lot to lower my budget, but I’ll use what I can
  • continue to bake/make as much as possible from scratch
  • continue to plan a weekly menu
  • continue look for marked down items such as fruits, veggies, dairy items, dented cans, etc.
  • shop at home first
  • make do with what I already have on hand
  • use it up and wear it out! let nothing go to waste!

I’m also going to challenge myself to make sure and post pics and the breakdown of what I buy so that way I can keep up with my spending even better. So keep watching this month and let’s see how well I do! Why don’t you join me?! How low can you go this month?

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