One Of My Favorite Hobbies: Crochet ~ Part 1


I love to crochet! To me, it’s relaxing, and I love that I can create something whether it be a clothes pin bag, a scarf, an afghan, a table runner, etc. To me, there is nothing greater than being able to do it myself. But, one of the things that can really be troublesome is keeping up with all my crochet hooks.

But, I found this case at Wal-Mart a few years ago that changed the way I kept up with my hooks, from being in zip top baggie to this:


I have my hooks organized from smallest to largest.


I can’t fit them all in here, but I have the majority of them. Duplicates are still kept in a baggie but with some of my yarn supply (i.e. works in progress). This is actually my second case. My first case went to my oldest daughter who also loves to crochet, and I gave her some of my duplicate hooks that I had.

Now, no more duplicate hook buying because I know what I have and it should (in there -LOL) be right there in my case waiting to be used.

Don’t for get to check out We Are THAT Family for more great Works For Me Wednesday!

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2 thoughts on “One Of My Favorite Hobbies: Crochet ~ Part 1

  1. How fun. I have a very similar hook case. So I have only been crocheting for 1 1/2 years. I have taught myself. I don't know anyone, who crochts. Well, my Grandma did. She died a couple of years ago. Since then I decided I was going to learn. I have done pretty good. But still a work in progress. Now I can reach out to you when I have a crochet question. Yeah!!!


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