Homemade Ricotta Cheese


I had a chance to try out Cardamom’s Pod’s homemade ricotta cheese. It was so yummy! I made some of the best stuffed shells that I’ve ever made!! I do not have a double boiler, but you can make a make-shift double boiler with a pot and a bowl.

You’ll need:

1 gallon milk
double boiler or 1 large pot and 1 large bowl (did mine in 2 batches)
1/4 to 1/2 cup vinegar
cheese cloth or clean pillow case
candy/meat thermometer
spoon to stir
aluminum foil if making a double boiler
good appetite 😉


I heated the water to boiling, placed the bowl on top of the pot and covered it with foil.


I then inserted my thermometer and let it heat up to 185* F. (pic shows temp a little under but I waited until 185*.)


I removed the bowl from the pot and added the vinegar. The transformation happened very quickly and the kids were as amazed as I was!

IMG_0006 IMG_0007

I poured the entire contents of the bowl into a cheese-cloth lined colander and drained the whey.


Here’s a pic of all the yummy ricotta cheese I made!

IMG_0009 IMG_0010


I used it make stuffed shells, but we were so eager to try it that I forgot to take pics for you! Sorry! But, you need to try this! It’s so easy and sooo good! I’ll never go back to store bought ricotta cheese again!

This made about 3 cups of ricotta cheese. Cardamom recommends, if storing, salting to taste and adding a little cream to keep it moist. It will keep for about a week in the fridge.

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5 thoughts on “Homemade Ricotta Cheese

  1. That is so awesome and easy. I love ricotta cheese but it is so expensive in the stores. I can't wait to try this. Do you know how long this would last in the fridge?


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