Pantry/Laundry Remodel – Phase 1

Well, it has finally begun.  I’ve been reorganizing my pantry off and on for a while, but now we’re into the remodeling phase.  My dryer has been out in the storage building since we moved here.  There was no place for it in the house.  That’s the way my in-law’s had it and never got around to changing it.  Well, when  my dryer died a little over 3 months ago, we decided we’d get ready to start the remodel so that when we purchased a new one, it would not have to go out in the building since we’re still having some issues with mice out there. 

So, with the money that we received off of the sale of the timber, we have purchased a new hot water heater and a new dryer.  The hot water heater is another desperate need of ours.  The one we have right now is not working very well.  Some days we have just enough hot water to do what we need and other days there’s barely enough.  Even my father-in-law is unsure of the age of this thing, but he knows that he purchased it USED back when they moved in here which was in 1978!  So, needless to say, it’s served its purpose well and it’s time for a new one. 

Several months ago, we ran new gas lines under the house, and we purposely ran one for a new hot water heater, which will be here next week!  So, more on that then.  Back to the pantry/laundry room remodel and my new dryer.

In case you haven’t seen my post The Blessings Of A Well-Stocked Pantry, here are the pics of what my pantry looked liked.

pantry pic 4 pantry pic 8pantry pic 5pantry pic 6

If you notice, the flooring is not done, and it’s still kind of a mess.  Well, the “mess” portion is now all over the rest of my house at the moment until we get done.  But, the shelving is back in place and reorganized, the drawers and microwave are still in there, and the brown cabinet is still in the corner, but it will be coming out as soon as we get the hot water heater in because then the washer will join the dryer in what will be my new laundry area! 

Brian built a small wall to go in front of the shelving so that I can add some curtains in front of them, but the wall is not done yet.  Also, the new doorway is framed up but he’s not done there either.   But, we did get the flooring down and the new dryer installed.   So, without further ado, here’s what phase 1 looks like!

The widened and newly reframed doorway:IMG_0008  The small wall that will be in front of my shelving:IMG_0010 The flooring which is the same throughout the rest of the house:.  Plus, I left you a peek at what was there:IMG_0012 IMG_0013

Shelving back in place and mostly reorganized: IMG_0015

Last, but certainly not least, my new dryer in its new home! IMG_0017 IMG_0018

I can’t wait until it’s finished!  It’s so exciting to see things finally progressing a bit.  Let me tell you, paying cash as you go is a whole lot slower than paying with credit, but it feels so good to know that, as we finish something, we don’t have a big credit card bill to contend with for the next several months/years! 

So, there’s phase 1!  Now, on to phase 2! 

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