Homemade Ice Packs



You know those times when you’ve got an ache or pain,  or one of your kids has a sprain or a bump on the head and you need an ice pack, but you never have any?  You put ice cubes in a bag but they don’t seem to get to all of the area that you need it to very well? 

Well, I’ve got the answer right here.  You can have all the ice packs on hand that you need and you can make them yourself for next to nothing!  The best part is they’re reusable!  I’ve got one that I’ve been using for several years.  In fact, it’s finally starting to not freeze quite as well as it used to, but it still works! 


Homemade Ice Packs


1 cup rubbing alcohol
2 cups water 
Food Color of choice (optional)
Food Saver bags or 2 Ziploc Freezer Bag (1 quart size)


Pour alcohol & water into bag.  Add a few drops of food coloring, if desired. 


Get as much air out of the bag as possible and seal. 


Katie helped me choose the different colors.  We did a red, orange purple, teal, raspberry, and yellow.  We made 3 large and 3 smaller ice packs. 

If using a Ziploc freezer bag, remove the air and seal the bag. Place that bag seal side down into another Ziploc freezer bag, remove the air and seal that bag. Place in the freezer.  Use (and reuse) when needed (nice and slushy!).  These are great because they can be conformed to fit around knees, elbows, wrists, etc. so that more of the injured/painful area can be covered by the ice pack. 

If the mixture freezes too hard, just add a little more alcohol.  If it’s too slushy, add a little more water.  If you’re using Food Saver bags, you can customize the size a bit more – smaller ones for minor bumps and bruises – larger ones for knee and back aches. 

Hope you find these ice packs as handy and helpful as I have over the years. 


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4 thoughts on “Homemade Ice Packs

  1. How "cool" that you can make your own ice packs!!! Do they stay cold long enough you could use them in a lunch-box? Sometimes the regular ice backs are so bulky they make it hard to fit everything into the lunchbox AND get the ice pack(s) in!


  2. Wow! Now that's impressive! Exactly what we need around here! I used to have a nice cold pack that was meant especially for injuries, but I don't even know where we got it or how much it cost. And now it's gone. Can't find it. And I have four little ones who are FOrEveR getting bumps and bruises. I will totally be doing this soon!!! Thanks for sharing!


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