~Life With Chickens~

We’ve had chickens for a little over 2 years now and I never tire of watching them.  They are fascinating creatures.  Their brains may not be very big but, on some things, they are pretty smart.  For example, it did not take them long to figure out that when the back door opens it means we’re coming outside and we MAY have some yummy scraps for them to scarf down.  So, they hang out close to the house – just in case. 


They have also figured out that if we’re heading toward the side of the coop, we MAY give them some scratch, so they stay right under your feet – just in case you decide that you DO want to give them some scratch even if they’ve already had some for the day.  They might be able to sucker you into giving them just a bit more.  Silly birds.


They will even follow you into the building just in case there is something in there for them, which there never is. But, you never know!

I think that you’ve always got one that stands out above the rest.  One that is almost always first and always has to check out everything, regardless.  Yes, I do have one of these.  

Meet Ms. Rosey – Nosey Rosey, to be precise. 


Ms. Rosey really is special to me.  She meets me at the door almost every time I go out.  She loves to follow me down to the clothesline and “chats” with me almost the entire time.  Too bad I can’t understand “chicken” and she can’t understand “human” or I’m sure we would have some REALLY interesting conversations.  She follows me into the building to be nosey and to chat.   When I do throw scratch out, she stands at my feet and waits for a little special pile all her own.   She even walks up to me a lot of the times just wanting to be picked up, carried, and petted.  She loves to be petted and talked to.  She’s just about as bad as a little kid sometimes!  But I love it. 

The latest thing that she has started doing is running up and hopping into the vehicles whenever we get ready to go somewhere.  It’s the funniest thing. 



Even this morning, as Brian was getting ready to go to work, she politely ran up and hopped right in like she’d been doing it every day!   Brian laughs and teases me that when she does die, I’ll have her stuffed and put on wheels so that I can take her with me everywhere.  While it’s true that I do love having her around and I’ll be very sad if something ever does happen to her, I will not be paying to stuff her.  However, she will be one of the few that will live out her life (no matter how long) here with us.  She’s a sweetheart and has earned the right to live out her life happy, content, and spoiled. 

As Brian says, “Welcome To The Funny Farm”!  It may not be much, but it’s home and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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3 thoughts on “~Life With Chickens~

  1. I'm so excited to finally have some chickens. I don't have near as many as you do, but I'm thrilled with my four new girls. We are almost done with their coop, but I will say that I will miss their chirping in the house during the day. The smell, well, I won't miss that so much.


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