~Mom’s Messenger – Another Great Way To Keep In Touch With Your Family!~

I was recently asked to try out a new product that was recently launched on the web. It is a product with all moms in mind. It’s designed to help busy moms communicate with our families faster and easier. And the best part about it is it’s free! Free is a term that I believe all moms love to hear! By now, I am sure that you are wondering just want I’m talking about. Well, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mom’s Messenger! Mom’s Messenger is a great site that allows you to text anyone from any cell phone company for free! Yes, anyone on any plan for free! We have texting on our phones, but this is nice to be able to just continue working on my computer and just take a few seconds to flip over and send a quick text to a family member. Mom’s Messenger even has the option of setting your own personal text library so that you can enter the phrases that you use the most and tailor it to your own needs! Nice for when you need to remind your child to call you.
One cool feature that Mom’s Messenger offers is the ability to set personal reminders to come to your own phone at a specific time (they can be set to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly). The best feature by far is the Events Reminder! Mom’s Messenger allows you to set individual and/or group reminders for your family and friends of upcoming events that they need to know about, and to set them to text your family/friends on a specific day and time! How many of us moms have forgotten to reminder a family member or friend about something very important until the last minute? Or not at all? I know that with three kids I’ve forgotten a few things myself. Now, I’m able to set the reminders as soon as the event is brought to my attention. No more forgetting!
I know that Mom’s Messenger is really going to come in handy for those that may not have texting on their cell phones (or do not have a cell phone) keep in touch with their friends and family that do. I’m really looking forward to integrating this site into our busy lives, especially using the personal and event reminders. I hope that you will go on over and check out Mom’s Messenger for yourself! I think you’ll be very glad you did!
Stephanie Martin is a work-at-home-mom of 2 daughters and 1 son, and the owner and publisher of Busy Moms Online, a site with information for busy moms, and My Country Haven, a blog documenting her family’s life living on a farm and their frugal journey of remaining debt free while becoming more self-sufficient.

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