Menu Plan: 06/28 – 07/04



It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted a menu plan (and I’m late this week) and I’ve missed having one!  It sure does make dinner time easier.  But, with a computer crash, trying to get a new one up and running, and then having 2 kids gone to camp,well, I slacked off and didn’t come up with one. Thankfully, we did pretty well and really didn’t eat out, but the usual “what’s for dinner” and “I’m not sure yet” came up quite often. But, this week, I have a plan in place and will be sticking to it!  We mat end up eating out on Friday because we’ll be down in Chattanooga for the day, but it all depends on what time we get back.



  • pancakes
  • eggs, bacon, toast
  • yogurt with fruit


  • sandwiches
  • leftovers

Dinner (in no particular order):

  • Pizza
  • Grilled  cheese sandwiches with (?)
  • Salmon patties with baked potatoes and another veggie
  • Crock pot beef stew with homemade rolls
  • Dinner out on Friday (?) or spaghetti if we get back in time
  • Leftovers
  • Grilled hamburgers/hot dogs for the 4th

Don’t forget to check out Organizing Junkie for more great menu plans this week!


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