God is so good!

Wow! I can hardly believe that it’s been about 6 weeks since my last post. So much has been happening in my family’s lives, but I had no idea that I’d neglected my blog posting duties for so long. Where to begin?
My son celebrated his 10th birthday this month. I can hardly believe that my baby is now 10. There’s something about your youngest child leaving the single digits behind and entering the double digits that really makes you aware of how much time has gone by. As much as I would love to keep him “little,” I’m very proud of the young man that he is on his way to becoming.
Well, I guess it was shortly after my last post that I was informed that my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wow! What a shock that was! But, God has been in complete control and, I’m happy to report that, even though she ended up having to have a mastectomy, the cancer as caught early enough that they were able to get it all. Thank you, Lord! That is an answered prayer! She is continuing to recover from her surgery, but is doing much better than expected.
My dad also ended up having to have a minor surgical procedure done and, again, God had it all’s under control (doesn’t He always?) and he is doing wonderfully.
Our homeschooling year has been overflowing with bumps and road blocks this year but, for the most part, things are getting back on track and w’re almost caught back up to where we should be so that there’s a good chance that we will finish as originally scheduled.
As for our farm life, my Christmas present chicks (received in November) are doing very well and are practically full grown. In fact they will openly begin laying in the next 4 to 6 weeks! Of course, that means that we’ll also have several young cockerels to cull & put in our freezer. Out of the 20 chicks, 8 to 10 are cockerels.
God is truly blessing our family. Through all the sicknesses we have had, my grandmother’s cancer, my dad’s minor surgery, my son’s birthday, God has saw fit to shower us with many blessings each and very day. I cannot imagine where I would be if it wasn’t for God’s unending love & grace. His peace is what got me through each day when worry for my grandmother threatened to take over, through my dad’s surgery through this latest bought of germs that has kept me down for the last week. God has continued to daily show His love for me and my family. Lord willing, I’ll be back to posting on a more regular basis again! I have to if I’m going to be sharing my latest crochet projects, chicken stories, frugality tips, homeschool antics, etc.

One thought on “God is so good!

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying your early Christmas present from us! Soon you will be getting more eggs than you can eat. And how much better those "home grown" eggs taste than any you can buy"Mom


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