Menu Plan: 06/18–06/24



I’m not really going to be planning a menu this week since it’s just 3 of us.  Our girls are off to camp for the week and will be back on Friday.  I do know that we promised Michael, our son, that we’d take him to his favorite pizza place one day this week, so we will be eating one one day.  Other than that, I’m just going to wing it!  We have plenty on hand to eat. I really need to try to get the grill cleaned up so we can start grilling.  I just haven’t been home the last few weeks to get it done.  So, this week will be a laid back week.  Michael will probably be picking most of the meals this week.  So, check back next week to see what’s on our menu once everyone is back home again!  I’ll be glad.  It’s too quiet around here!

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