Canning, dehydrating, & more canning….



I have been busy, busy putting food by for my family for the coming winter months, as well as enough of some items to last until next growing season.  Lately, it has been lots & lots & lots of tomatoes!! Oh, let’s not forget the potatoes, corn, & bell peppers! 




I’ve managed to get all of my tomatoes (approximately 280 lbs) & bell peppers (approximately 80 lbs in a 2 gal. bucket) taken care of so far that we’ve picked.  I’ll be going one more time to pick tomatoes.  I’ve put up quite a bit of Italian seasoned tomato sauce, some plain sauce, & quite a bit of tomato juice, but I need to put up more plain canned tomatoes for use in soups & chili.  So, I’ll be going again in the next few days to get those. 


With the help of my son, Michael, I managed to get 61 ears of corn (purchased at 6/$1.00) shucked, blanched, & in the freezer!!  It will taste so good this winter!


You can see some of the potatoes that I’ve managed to get canned, but I still just a few more to go…..


(I bought these in 5 lb bags for $1.00 each!!)


Even though I’m not going to get near enough put up this winter like I would like to have on hand, I’m going to put up as much as I possibly can.  I know God will take care of us no matter what, but I know He’s put a lot of this wonderful food in my path because I couldn’t have gotten it if I had to pay the outrageous grocery store prices.  Next year, I’ll be looking to have another garden as well has put up a lot more to feed our family. 


I think I’ve shared with you a pic of my pantry before, but here’s a pic of what my hall canning pantry looks like right now:


(Custom built by my wonderful husband!)

I still need to do a bit more reorganizing on it to get all of my tomato products together & sorted better, but it’s filling up quite nicely!  I still need to do a current tally.  I just haven’t had the time to stop & count up everything & write it all down, but I will!


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