Jar Soap Dispenser Tutorial

Jar Soap Dispensers

Jar Soap Dispensers

I’ve been wanting to make these for quite some time now.  I had ordered the soap pump dispensers a few weeks ago, but just had not had the time to get around to making them until this week!  My sweet hubby gave me a helping hand and we had all six done in no time flat!


Here are the items that you will need to make your own mason jar soap dispensers:



Soap Pump Dispensers

Ball Mason jars (Any jar will do, but they do have blue and green jars available now!)

Jar lids & bands



1-inch paddle drill bit (1-1/8-inch drill bit is pretty much the perfect size, but a little harder to find)



Using the piece of wood, place the lid (aka seal) onto the piece of wood and, being very careful (wear gloves, if you have them), hold the lid tightly.  You will actually run the drill backwards to keep it from grabbing the lid as hard.



It makes a nice, clean hole without you having to fight to hold the lid in place as  much.



Next, you will want to take the Dremel & file down the edges.


Once you are done, see if the collar of the soap pump fits through the hole.


If it won’t quite fit, use the Dremel to file down the edges of the hole you cut just until the collar slips through.  Be careful not to make it too loose.

It will look like this when you’re done.


Next, you will need to trim the tube to fit the size jar that you used, being sure to trim it at a slight angle.  (Sorry, I did not take a pic of this step.)

Fill your jar with your desired soap, place your dispenser onto the top of your jar, screw the band in place, and you have a beautiful soap dispenser!


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