How to Repurpose A Lard Bucket, otherwise known as “My New Egg Bucket”

I had an empty lard bucket that I wanted to do something with, and then I had a brilliant idea!

All you need is:

Krylon Paint for plastics (I used black and red)

An empty bucket

A few stick-on letters

A little time!


Start by removing the lid and handle from the bucket.



Next, give it a good washing in hot soapy water.  You’ll probably need to wash it a few times.  Once it’s nice and clean, allow to completely dry.


Take outside and spray paint desired color.  You will probably need to paint a darker bottom to hide all the colored inks in the bucket itself.  I used black as the bottom coat on mine.  I also painted my lid and handle black.   Once dry, I placed the letters where I wanted them & began painting my second color.  I painted both the inside & outside of my bucket red.

Once it was completely dry, I brought it inside & reattached the handle.


I also made this little “cushion” to go in the bottom of the bucket to keep the eggs from making contact with bottom of the bucket – hopefully to keep down on any “accidental” cracking of the eggs.


Voila!  My new egg bucket! I love it!


I may just have to make a few more of these as I come across empty buckets!


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