Turning A Mason Jar Into an On-The-Go Cup!

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I’ve been seeing online where people were turning a regular mason jar into a to-go cup and absolutely love the idea.  But, even though I know the prices I have seen them charging have been fair, I still have an aversion to paying for something that I can make myself.  So, with the help of my sweet husband, Brian, we made 10 of them ourselves.


Here’s what you will need:

Pint sized mason jars

Reusable Straws

Canning Jar Lids

Canning Jar Rings

Rubber Grommets (1/4-inch inside diameter or size needed to fit your straw)


3/8-inch paddle drill bit (or size needed to fit your grommets)

scrap piece of wood

Using your scrap piece of wood, drill a hole in the middle of the seal (or just off center, whichever you like better). If you read my post on how to make mason jar soap dispensers, you will know that by running the drill in reverse, you will still be able to drill your hole, but the bit will not grab the seal as badly or leave as rough of an edge.



Insert your grommet into the hole you just drilled.




Now you’re ready to put it to use!  Enjoy!


These have already become a favorite in my family.  We made 10 the day we made these.  I’m sure we will be making more in the near future.  These would also make great gifts for family, teachers, friends, etc.

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