What A Weekend

We had a very busy weekend this week.  Saturday, Brian finally got the chance to change out the electrical box.   This is a very good thing since the one that was in the house was original and we had no room to add anything.  We want to bring the dryer in out of the building where it currently resides, but there was no room to add the dedicated circuit that it needs.  We also want to add a dishwasher, and wire in the well pump the way it’s supposed to be.  This is the fun of owning a fixer upper!  LOL!  We didn’t have power most of the day on Saturday, but that’s OK.  I’m very thankful that I have a handy-man for a husband, especially one whose and electrician.  This saves us some serious cash! 

We also did find out that my dishwasher I’ve been wanting was marked down plus Lowe’s was having 10% off all energy star appliances, PLUS we had a $50 rebate card that we applied to it, so I got a $600 dishwasher for about $450, not including the parts we needed to install it.  Not bad!!  I haven’t had a dishwasher in about 8 years, so I’m excited to have one again! 

Now he has to make the new countertop so that we can install it and use it.   That’s our next step.  We’re also going to try to run the new gas lines that we need this week.  We’re planning to get a new gas water heater this year, as well as install another heater, and we’re planning to get a gas stove at some point, but we need to run lines first.  (((Sigh)))  If it’s not one expense, it’s another.  But, we’re paying with cash as we go – NO DEBT!!!  We will not charge anything ever again!  So, it will just be slow going but we’ll get there!  God will provide, of that I have absolutely NO doubt!

One thought on “What A Weekend

  1. Steph, I would love to see pictures of your house! It sounds old and it would be cool to see things changing as you go. Isn’t having a handyman husband the greatest? Daniel isn’t an electrician or plumber, but he can do pretty much anything. He rewired our electric panel a couple years ago when we redid the kitchen. Yippee for the deal on the dishwasher 🙂 All of our appliances we’ve gotten from the scratch’n’dent pile at Lowes or the Sears outlet. We had our over-the-range microwave for probably 2 years before we could put it in, but we only paid around $40 for it I think.


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