Personal Grocery Challenge – Weeks 2 & 3 Update

Last week ended up being a bit crazy. I ended up not feeling well for a couple of days, so that always throws things for a loop. We also found out that we were going to be hosting our small group from church this Sunday evening so I had to plan for that. I did not go shopping for that until Sunday afternoon, which was a good thing since they were tossing the idea around of not even bring food, which would not have been a good thing since the kids would have been starving! LOL

Anyway, I did my shopping on Sunday and, since we were unsure of the number of people that would be there this time around, I bought a little more than normal. But, I was still under budget. I also bought some cereal last week which my local store was having a very good deal on. After it was all said and done, my total stood at $249.66.

This week, all we need is milk. So total spent this week is $16.20. I bought 3 gallons of milk, 3 lb bananas, and 32 oz. container of yogurt. My monthly total stands at $265.86 for the month. This leaves me $34.14 for the remainder of the month. I’ll have one gone to AWANA camp which will make a big difference in the amount of food and milk consumed this next week.

I will continue to try and improve my spending and my grocery purchases, but I feel that feeding a family of 5 for $300 or less will be a great start!

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