Egg Incubation – Day 17.5

I still have 10 eggs, but there are 2 more that are questionable.  I’m pretty sure that they’ve stopped.  I checked the eggs day 17 due to 4 more temp spikes (anywhere between 101* to 103.5*).  I marked the 2 that I’m not sure about and I’ll check them again in a couple of days.  You’re actually not supposed to candle any more but I figure since the damage has already been done, it’s not going to hurt anything else.  My “hatch” date is Monday, but they could start hatching any time this weekend.  With all the temp spikes, they could hatch early.  
My new chicks that I ordered should be here tomorrow, so keep watching for a pic of my those new babies chicks.  I’ll also be posting pics of my babies after they’ve hatched!  I’m hoping that I’ll still have at least 8!

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