Finding Freedom Friday: Frugal Challenge


I chose to accept the frugal challenge this week!  Here’s a recap of my frugal week:

  • No eating out this week
  • Shopped at home first – only needed to buy milk, a few bananas, and some yogurt (for starter) this week
  • mixed dishwasher detergent with Borax (1:4 ratio) to help stretch it further (works great)
  • did not really have any outings planned this week, but it was nice so the kids played outside a lot (5 acres of yard!)
  • I did not make any extra meals for my freezer, but I’ve got leftovers that will go into the freezer for future lunches
  • I’ve managed to stay within my $300 grocery budget (my personal challenge), which is great!
  • My “new-to-me” frugal idea is to try making homemade yogurt in the Crock Pot.  Check my blog tomorrow for an update.  It’s in the fridge now and seems to be thickening up.  We’ll just have to wait and see how well it thickens and what kind of adjustments I might have to make next time.

Don’t forget to check out Cents To Get Debt Free to see how everyone else did!

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